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    • In times when it is difficult to find skilled welders, we can boost productivity within your company with our robots, cobots and other automation solutions. All our solutions are cost-efficient, user-friendly, flexibly deployable and increase efficiency.

      Whether for steel or aluminium applications, MIG or MAG welding, Squadron Motion, as a sister company of STAS, has a lot of experience and now wants to share it with you.

      You can start and get to grips with welding automation with a cobot. If you would rather be helped quickly, our 'Plug and Play' cells are probably a better option. For installations that cannot be cast in a standard solution, we also work on a customised basis.

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    • Cobot Solutions

    • Cobots have a low entry threshold and are designed with safety and efficiency in mind. They are at the service of the welder and try to support him in as many tasks as possible. We have also developed specific software for this purpose. Specifically, Squadron Motion offers cobots from ABB and YASKAWA, two renowned brands in the world of welding automation. Both cobots are equipped as standard with a welding source from ESAB, Fronius or EWM, have a working area of 800 by 800 mm and are suitable for simple welding operations. For more info, consult the technical sheet.

      Plug and Play-cells

      Several welding processes come together in a welding cell, which we want to automate as much as possible for you. We prove that this need not be complex or expensive with our 'Plug and Play' welding cells. You can choose between standard cells from ABB and YASKAWA, each equipped with an ESAB, FRONIUS or EWM welding source. This includes a clamping jig that holds the workpieces in place and positions them correctly, after which a robot performs the welding operations. The welder himself, who still has an important task: he or she is responsible for the quality control of all pieces.  

      Those who want to configure a welding cell have several options. Most configurations consist of a fixed table and work sequentially. In these, the robot will not perform any operations when workpieces are changed. In contrast, slightly more advanced welding cells feature a rotary table or rotator. These allow the welder to insert new pieces while the robot continues welding on the other side. Finally, there are also track solutions, which consist of 2 work centres. Whichever welding cell you prefer, we always aim for user-friendly installation, with maximum efficiency. To this end, we have also developed specific software.

      Do these standard concepts not meet your needs? Squadron Motion also offers fully customised welding robot cells.

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      • Custom Solutions

    • Our Custom Solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. We always start with an intake, after which we make a cost estimate and specifications. As soon as we have an agreement, the installation is built and thoroughly tested in our workshop before it is sent to your company. This allows us to guarantee smooth commissioning. At Squadron Motion, we rise to any challenge. 

    • Refurbished Solutions

    • For an old welding installation that needs an upgrade, you can also turn to Squadron Motion. As with our Custom Solutions, we start with an intake meeting, followed by a cost estimate and specifications. In contrast to our Custom Solutions, for Refubished Solutions we come on site to convert the installation. Is your installation in need of an upgrade?

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